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200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • Live the life you have dreamed
  • Become 200 hour certified at home on your timeline
  • Increase your income
  • Create your own business teaching yoga
  • Work YOUR hours

This teacher training gives you an in depth anatomy background, something Gwen thinks is lacking in the yoga world. She brings her deep knowledge and understanding to the human form to her teachings, making it easier and relevant to successful and injury free yoga. Her fun approach and easy to grasp concepts makes this training a must do even for the already trained yoga veteran.

The time frame of completion is estimated at a year, but not guaranteed as a hard timeline, as an online course the timing is up to you. Students will not graduate before a full grasp of curriculum is proven and all assignments completed to the highest quality and integrity. Completion of the course does NOT guarantee certification. Assigning certification is at the full discretion of the schools teachers.


A healthy sound body, mind, spirit, and thirst to learn, participate, and inspire.


200+ contact and non-contact hours
Required reading book list
CPR training (to be obtained on own time, online)
Weekly yoga experience and meditation journal
5 observations with written comments
Final paper
Final filmed class


with Laws of Yoga 


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This online, interactive yet self-paced Yoga Teacher Training certification training it is at your own pace and ongoing, no deadlines, no set classes to attend.  A LIVE Teacher Training was videotaped so you can use it to pace yourself and be part of a group, hearing their questions, seeing their presentations just as though you were in a LIVE situation, all at your own pace to fit in your busy life. 



Have some questions? Start with an email

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  • You’ll immerse into, and learn to teach, Vinyasa yoga, Yin, Hatha yoga and Mindfulness
  • Our online yoga teacher training certification uses our Yoga Alliance approved curriculum
  • You will learn to teach confidently in front of a room full of people 
  • Utilize the filmed live classrooms to help your learning pace
  • You don’t need to have an advanced yoga practice to register for this program. 

1. Techniques Training: study of over 60 classic yoga postures including:
Standing postures
Sitting postures
Lateral extension or twists
Series’: Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, Salutation to the Moon, Salutations to the Earth

Students will be responsible for ½ hour of reading per week (20 hours) Readings given will correspond to posture studied in the concurrent week. Also, the student will be required to attend 2 classes per week at a minimum of one hour each (80 hours) a log kept of all outside classes taken.

2. Teaching Methodology: includes principles of demonstration, observations, assisting and correction, qualities of a teacher, business practices. 

3. Anatomy and Physiology: Includes both human physical anatomy and physiology (6 systems emphasized, and their relationship to the corresponding chakra) including energy anatomy such as nadis and chakras. Students will design classes and teach them for each system and chakra.

4. Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyles and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: Includes the study of yoga philosophy yoga lifestyles, and ethics for teachers, code of conduct for teachers, insurance and joining alliances.

5. Practicum: Includes practice teaching and receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing and giving feedback. Also includes assisting students while someone else is teaching. Final teaching project of a filmed class they teach incorporating cumulative knowledge gained. The class will be critiqued by Gwen and reviewed in order to receive their certification. Participation in this course does not guarantee certification.

6. CPR training: students will be required (on their own) to obtain and keep current cpr training throughout their yoga teaching career. It is suggested to also obtain and keep current first aid training. Students will seek these trainings on their own time and expense and show proof of CPR training upon graduation of program.

7. Weekly yoga experience and meditation journal: This log of all yoga classes and workshops taken is to be kept between teacher trainers and the individual student, for brief advice and discussions, and to help keep track of non-contact hours of training. It will be kept up to date to hand in at any given time. Meditation journal is a personal journal for student to write daily and experience meditation learning journey and process.

8. Watching of all filmed LIVE corresponding classes



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The need for skilled, competent, sensitive yoga teachers in every community is growing more than ever before.

Since our innovative online program is Yoga Alliance approved, you can trust that we cover all of the essential components of a quality yoga teacher training

Flexible pacing - You can complete the program at your own pace so as not to book your weekends with long trainings or schedule around work in family. 

What will make you a good yoga teacher is the guidance of skillful teachers that you have access to throughout and beyond the training, you will have that with one of the world’s best Gwen Lawrence.

Gwen is available for one included skype session with questions to help your journey. 

Lead instructor Gwen Lawrence E-RYT 500 BS LMT is one of the best to learn from for well over 20 years.  


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·       The regular tuition our 200hr online yoga teacher training is $2,500+ 

·       The tuition for this training is reduced $1,100 significantly less for the same curriculum, allowing more people to live the career and life of their dreams

·       Payment Plan available contact Gwen@gwenlawrence for custom plans to fit your budget.  Chose 2-6 months plans - we offer the lowest tuition for one payment option.




Yes! At the end of your training, you will be a certified yoga teacher. You will be able to begin teaching at any time, in any environment. You can apply for insurance, interview for teaching jobs, share yoga with your friends or at school etc., immediately upon completion.

Once you have completed the basic course requirements, your 200 hours of study, and demonstrated your teaching skills with a video class and other required submitted assignments, you will be a certified yoga teacher! If you’d like, you can register with the Yoga Alliance.


YES! You will be an RYT with Yoga Alliance at the end of this entirely online training. 

Laws of Yoga School of Yoga has been Yoga Alliance approved since 2003!!


Yoga Alliance has approved online teaching for a limited time. At the end of this program you will be an RYT with Yoga Alliance if you wish to register there.

Yoga Alliance has cleared the way by temporarily lifting the requirement that contact hours be in-person only. If you have been seeking an online, guided yet self-paced training, this is the one, and this is the time.

Our program is registered with Yoga Alliance, and we will approve and certify all graduates for Yoga Alliance upon completion of this program. 


We have been leading online and live since 2003

* Parlay your training to teach yoga online during National Emergency’s and never miss work, be in control of your life *


you have as long as you need to complete the training, your materials do not expire or disappear



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Gwen Lawrence BS LMT E-RYT500 Gwen Lawrence is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS).

 "I transform lives from good to great, helping my clients reach their highest potential, using my 6 power yoga for sports philosophy's to Attain fitness, find Balance, Create goals, and Define personal happiness in work, school, family and life the way only an intuitive Yogi and seasoned MOM can"

Gwen has been a practicing fitness professional since 1990.  Her current practice includes private yoga trainings, class instruction, team instruction and her Power Yoga for Sports, sports specific training, International travel to teach, TV appearances, Writing, Workshops and radio contributions.  You can become a certified Yoga Coach through her online training, like people around the world in 18 countries are taking advantage of.  Gwen's unique combination of dance, massage therapy, and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, provides her clients and athletes with overwhelming results.  Gwen Is the yoga instructor for many teams over the years including the NY Giants, NY Knicks,  NY Mets, NY Redbulls, NY Rangers, NYC FC and members of the NY Yankees, several major colleges like: Columbia, Yale, Manhattan, UNC and many more.  

Her writings appear in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Women's Health, Women's Fitness, Cosmo, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine, Details and and  

Gwen Starred as co-host in her own Nationally Syndicated on NBC TV show The Better Man Show and makes regular appearances on NBC TODAY SHOW, Good Day NY, and Dr. Oz as well as many Radio and TV news shows.  Gwen owns her own Yoga school registered to certify students with 200 and 300-hour trainings along with her online Power Yoga for Sports Teacher Training. 

Gwen has been named Best of Westchester, and featured in ESPN Magazine as "The Best Innovation In Sports Medicine"

Gwen has 9 Power Yoga for Sports sport specific DVD's, a feature DVD with Gaiam, and published books Body Sculpting with Yoga, Tactical Mobility and Teaching Power Yoga for Sports.  You can take advantage of working with Gwen through Gaia TV, her Power Yoga for Sports APP, Audible Yoga and her You Tube Channel Gwen Lawrence Yoga.  Appears in 2019 Jade Yoga Calendar.  Top 108 influential yogis Online.



·       Video teachings and lessons

·       Live videoed sessions topics including: 

o   Teaching methodologies

o   Mindfulness and meditation

o   Pose and cue study

o   How to build and write classes

o   Observing live critiqued sessions by taped students

o   Required to keep a meditation journal

o   Required to do 2 classes a week (at least) maintain a class log, classes can also be done online from your tube or other online providers


Your Manual will be electronically delivering our huge printable comprehensive yoga teachers manual.  

Have some questions?


·       Anatomy & Physiology

·       Breathwork & Meditation

o   You’ll learn a style of meditation that you truly love, that nourishes and prepares you for life on and off the mat

o   Breathwork practices energize the body and facilitate physical and emotional healing 

·       Mindfulness & Teaching in Schools

·       Ethics of a yoga teacher

·       History and Philosophy

·       Asana (pose) breakdown, practice and teaching

o   We will teach you to share a sequence of 36 poses, including sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, back and core strengtheners, and reclined restorative poses

o   This sequence was designed to enable to you deliver an excellent yoga class, just with those poses

o   Each pose is intentionally in the set, as they serve a specific physical or energetic purpose, are relatively easy to teach, and are minimally a risk for injury

o   You are welcome to be creative with your sequencing, adding in poses you know, or you are equally welcome to stick with the basic set that we’ll teach you

·       Class sequencing

o   Learn to set the space and tone, do a connecting warmup, move towards one or more peak poses, cool down and counterpose at the end

o   How to teach well if no one is in the room with you

·       Practice teaching 

o   With other students in the class live taped classes to observe

And much more…



Contact Gwen if you have any questions:



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