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PYFS Yoga for the Pregnant Athlete

  • Go above and beyond your athletic goals throughout your entire pregnancy
  • Specific poses for strength and stability with modifications
  • Private videos only available for students
  • Learn the truth behind common myths of pregnancy
  • Create the physical and mental strength to prepare you for delivery

Yoga for the Pregnant Athlete was created to provide a blueprint for athletes to follow throughout pregnancy in order to progress with their athletic and fitness goals. This program will provide specific strengthening and stretching poses, myths and truths of pregnancy, and tailored routines which can be performed, with and without modifications, throughout your pregnancy.  You don't have to stop your athletic goals during pregnancy, this is the perfect time to reassess and create new goals for physical fitness. 


****Disclaimer: Consult with your health care provider prior to starting any exercise program. This program is designed for the pregnant athlete who has a background in yoga.



As an athlete, you don’t have to stop your daily workouts and goals when you enter pregnancy. You do have to listen more closely to your body, constantly check with your healthcare provider, and make the appropriate modifications in order to ensure the health and well being of not only your body but of your growing baby. In my experience, I used my pregnancy to set new goals; instead of competing in triathlons I chose 5k races. These races provided me the motivation to continue with my exercise program and kept my competitive mindset in check. I supplemented my yoga with swimming, weight lifting, and running. By following the Power Yoga for Sports format, I was able to mindfully create/perform routines (which I’ll share with you in this program) that increased my strength and endurance for my races, provided recovery post races, as well as assisted my body with the continuous physical and hormonal changes. Every body experiences a different pregnancy. I have been fortunate enough to maintain a moderate fitness routine to stay healthy, fit, and mentally strong. Of course I got the ok from my OB/GYN, keeping her informed at every visit of my fitness routine. And though I think she thought I was a little crazy running a 4 mile race at the beginning of month 9, she gave me the go ahead.

Power yoga for sports for the pregnant athlete will provide specific strengthening and stretching poses, myths and truths of pregnancy, and tailored routines which can be performed, with and without modifications, throughout your pregnancy. The poses are intended to provide specific benefits of strength, flexibility, and endurance. There is no need to be afraid of the poses while pregnant, I am here to show you first hand how to modify and succeed. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you as you travel down your pregnancy path.

The creator of this course, Sarah obtained her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University. She specializes in sports medication and orthopedic rehabilitation for the past 12+ years. Yoga was a natural progression, professionally and personally, to link together strength and stability with rehabilitation.  Sarah utilizes her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create purposeful yoga sequences, designed to specifically target and train regions of the body. She also incorporates her knowledge of asanas and meditation to assist with patients who are recovering from injuries and surgeries return to their higher levels of function and sport competition. Sarah has experience treating and training athletes of all levels: grade school, high school, college, semi professional, and professional, as well as the weekend warrior.  



  1. PYFS for the Pregnant Athlete manual

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