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200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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This teacher training gives you an in depth anatomy background, something Gwen thinks is lacking in the yoga world. She brings her deep knowledge and understanding to the human form to her teachings, making it easier and relevant to successful and injury free yoga. Her fun approach and easy to grasp concepts makes this training a must do even for the already trained yoga veteran.

The time frame of completion is estimated at a year, but not guaranteed as a hard timeline, as an online course the timing is up to you. Students will not graduate before a full grasp of curriculum is proven and all assignments completed to the highest quality and integrity. Completion of the course does NOT guarantee certification. Assigning certification is at the full discretion of the schools teachers.


A healthy sound body, mind, spirit, and thirst to learn, participate, and inspire.


200+ contact and non-contact hours
Required reading
CPR training (to be obtained on own time)
Weekly yoga experience and meditation journal
One additional yoga retreat (e-ryt approved)
5 assists
5 observations with written comments
Final paper
Final filmed class

1. Techniques Training: study of over 60 classic yoga postures including:
Standing postures
Sitting postures
Lateral extension or twists
Series’: Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, Salutation to the Moon, Salutations to the Earth

Students will be responsible for ½ hour of reading per week (20 hours) Readings given will correspond to posture studied in the concurrent week. Also, the student will be required to attend 2 classes per week at a minimum of one hour each (80 hours) a log kept of all outside classes taken.

2. Teaching Methodology: includes principles of demonstration, observations, assisting and correction, qualities of a teacher, business practices. 

3. Anatomy and Physiology: Includes both human physical anatomy and physiology (6 systems emphasized, and their relationship to the corresponding chakra) including energy anatomy such as nadis and chakras. Students will design classes and teach them for each system and chakra.

4. Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyles and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: Includes the study of yoga philosophy yoga lifestyles, and ethics for teachers, code of conduct for teachers, insurance and joining alliances.

5. Practicum: Includes practice teaching and receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing and giving feedback. Also includes assisting students while someone else is teaching. Final teaching project of a filmed class they teach incorporating cumulative knowledge gained. The class will be critiqued by Gwen and reviewed in order to receive their certification. Participation in this course does not guarantee certification.

6. CPR training: students will be required (on their own) to obtain and keep current cpr training throughout their yoga teaching career. It is suggested to also obtain and keep current first aid training. Students will seek these trainings on their own time and expense, and show proof of CPR training upon graduation of program.

7. Weekly yoga experience and meditation journal: This log of all yoga classes and workshops taken is to be kept between teacher trainers and the individual student, for brief advice and discussions, and to help keep track of non-contact hours of training. It will be kept up to date to hand in at any given time. Meditation journal is a personal journal for student to write daily and experience meditation learning journey and process.

8. Outside yoga retreat or conference: This is to be completed within the year and a half program time. The retreat will be approved by Laws of Yoga, Yoga School and a brief review of comments will be handed in, as well as a curriculum studied.

9. Watching of all filmed LIVE corresponding classes

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