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PYFS Business of Power Yoga for Sports Course

  • Includes a Business Planning Module with loads of Gwen's insider secrets and a Learning Module to guide you step by step in building an online presence
  • Gwen & Elite Master Trainee Kim Galbraith share their secrets for networking with sports professionals and how to go about acquiring clients
  • Learn how to build your own WordPress website
  • How to set up a basic Email Marketing program
  • Discover how to tackle the Social Media world

Educating yourself about business technology is easy once you have the right roadmap.  With so many choices it can be very intimidating to try and find the right information and direction to go on your own when you don't know where or how to begin.  This course was designed to cut through all confusion and get you up and running with your own PYFS business in no time.  You will learn how to plan and build your own website using WordPress and Beaver Builder - an easy interface that allows you to design a website with multiple pages.  How to create eye-catching marketing images to use on social media, in emails, design your own logo and other marketing materials with one online tool. 

The course includes your plug-in and theme files with a lifetime license - valued at $99 if you were to buy on your own - as well as many other extras that you can easily add to your website and any social accounts that you set up.

Co-authored by Kim Galbraith, a PYFS Elite instructor and website designer with over 20 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.  Kim has worked as an IT professional, designer, producer and content creator for Disney, Bank of America, as well as the start-up tech company,  She has run social media and email marketing programs for smaller businesses and other yoga studios/teachers along with developing WordPress websites for the past 16 years.

What you will learn with this course:

Module 1 – Planning & Strategy for Starting Your PYFS Business

  • How to Discover and Define Your Target Audience – complete with online resources and examples
  • What are the Strategies and Best Practices to Reach Your Audience – an introduction to online tools
  • Creating Effective Marketing Content – with templates and examples
  • How to Define Your Services & Pricing – Gwen shares her wisdom on this along with her rate sheet layout
  • PYFS Code of Conduct, Waivers and Liability Insurance – the code of conduct, examples of waivers along with credentials and business requirements needed to work in the PYFS realm
  • Advanced PYFS Certification Programs – learn more about how to take your PYFS training to the next level

Module 2 – Creating Your Online Presence

  • Learn About Brand Identity – a step by step guide with videos showing you how to create your own business personality with free tools
  • Create Your Website – complete with easy to follow videos, you’ll have your WordPress website up and running in no time at all
  • Communication Through Email Marketing – set up a free email marketing system and design eye catching emails and campaigns to connect with clients or potential clients plus how to build your email/client list through your website
  • Social Media – how to approach the online social world and get free access to up to date learning resources that will help you launch your social presence

What you will receive:

16 Instructional Videos

WordPress Plug-in and Theme Files to build and manage your Website

Templates for Website Content, Emails, and Business Documents

Images that you can use on your website



26 downloads and booklets
16 videos = hours of step by step visual, live instruction


This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Video 1 - An Intro to Using Canva to Create

  2. Video 2 - Registering Your Website Address

  3. Video 3 - Using Canva to Create a Logo and Brand Kit

  4. Video 4 - How to Set Up WordPress with GoDaddy Hosting

  5. Video 5 - Navigating the WordPress Dashboard Overview

  6. Video 6 - Creating Your Home Page

  7. Video 7 - How to Add Pages to your WordPress Website - Create an About page

  8. Video 8 - Learn How to Embed Information and Building a Schedule Page

  9. Video 9 - Using Page Templates to Create a Contact Page

  10. Video 10 - How to Edit the Website Design and Adding Blog Posts

  11. Video 11 - Setting up MailChimp for Email Marketing

  12. Video 12 - Using MailChimp for Email Marketing

  13. Video 13 - How to Use Basic MailChimp Reports

  14. Video 14 - How to Use Alignable Basics

  15. Video 15 - Using NextDoor to Promote Your Business

  16. Video 16 - Getting Started with LinkedIn and Social Media Learning Library


  1. StartingYourOwnPYFS-Module1-Final (357 KB)

  2. StartingYourOwnPYFS-Module2-Final (436 KB)

  3. BiographyTemplate (95 KB)

  4. EmailtoCoachesorADs (44 KB)

  5. GeneralReleaseWaiverTemplate (47 KB)

  6. HomePageContentOutline (25 KB)

  7. RateSheetTemplate (27 KB)

  8. HomePageOutline (162 Bytes)

  9. PAGE-LayoutAbout-Example (224 KB)

  10. PAGE-LayoutHome-Example (49 KB)

  11. WordPressSetupGuide (356 KB)

  12. bb-plugin-pro (6.33 MB)

  13. bb-theme-builder (685 KB)

  14. bb-theme-child (57 KB)

  15. bb-theme (1.04 MB)

  16. bb-ultimate-addon-1.26.3 (3.87 MB)


  18. PrivacyPolicy (51 KB)

  19. PYFS-Certified (102 KB)

  20. PYFS-ELITE (100 KB)

  21. social-icons-FB (1012 Bytes)

  22. social-icons-IG (2 KB)

  23. social-icons-LI (1 KB)

  24. social-icons-pinterest (3 KB)

  25. social-icons-twitter (2 KB)

  26. social-icons-YT (2 KB)

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