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Referee Umpire Training Kit

  • Stay healthy through the season
  • Travel more comfortable
  • Reduce pain and injury
  • Sleep better
  • Decrease joint pain

Use this kit on the road and at home to stretch and regenerate the body and eliminate all the ailments that complicate a long season of travel, stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation.  Yoga along with easy aromatherapy and meditation is the ultimate recipe for happiness and success.

Do not be intimidated by the terms, this kit is very user friendly for beginners and seasoned yoga fans.  It is a compilation of

  • Easy yoga video routines for stress, tightness (over 3 hours of video)
  • Easy to follow yoga audio classes (over 3 hours of audio)
  • Relevant articles 
  • Meditation scrips and pre-recorded audios for stress, anxiety, better sleep and more
  • Easy beginner aromatherapy recipes for anti viral, stress reduction better sleep and more

Priceless for a longer healthier season!

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Umpire Referee Yoga for Back and Legs

  2. Umpire Referee Yoga for Shoulders and Upper Body

  3. Umpire Referee Yoga Quick Routine

  4. Referee Umpire Yoga Routine

  5. Umpire Referee quick de-stressor, pre/post game or travel


  1. Referees Umpire PDF packet (23.51 MB)

  2. Yoga Audio Class for Hips (23.14 MB)

  3. Audio Class Long Deep Yoga Holds for Flexibility and Restoration (22.20 MB)

  4. Audio Yoga Class for Upper Body Shoulders (23.33 MB)

  5. Referee Umpire Stress and Sleep Meditations Scripts (20 KB)

  6. Referee Umpire Inhalant and Simple Aromatherapy (1.05 MB)

  7. 5-minute breathing meditation AUDIO (2.43 MB)

  8. Sleep meditation guided meditation AUDIO (7.23 MB)

  9. Stress meditation guided meditation AUDIO (5.02 MB)

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