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Personal Online Assessment by Gwen Lawrence!

  • I will send you pictures, that you will recreate of you in the same positioning
  • Send the pictures of you back to me via email
  • I will print them out and mark them up
  • I will analyze each picture personally, explain my read and markings, let you know and UNDERSTAND what I see, what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as your imbalances
  • I will give you clearly laid out personal plan of yoga poses and stretches to realign your body, rehab after surgeries or injuries and help you reach your fitness goals, just like I do with the Professional athletes I work with.

For many years I have had the privilege of analyzing posture, imbalances and asymmetries online with people for all over the world.


Ask yourself the COST of Doctor appointments, lost game time, and potentially lost scholarships and is time to take action!

This opportunity is for Athletes from the Professional level all the way through collegiate, high school and little leaguers, but the opportunity does not stop there. If you have been plagued by aches pains discomforts and feel like there is a piece missing to your puzzle that allows you to workout, stay fit or be a weekend warrior the answer may lie in your structure.

I have had the miraculous opportunity in my life and career to work with the best of the best in the athletic world, from Olympic champions, Super Bowl Champs, World Series Dominators, and the list goes on. The key to my success and longevity working with such greatness is my keen ability to analyze posture and identify key imbalances that can not only hold them back but manifest into injury, if you are training with an imbalance you are OVERWORKING and actually training the imbalance to get worse and damage your body and results. I always like to explain it this way:

If your car was misaligned, you clearly understand the ramifications of that, it is less

efficient using more gas than necessary to get where you wanted to go, and if you were

going to go on a road trip or just drive each day on this misaligned car…you would

wear and wear on the misaligned tire until…one day, guaranteed, it would BANG,


Well it is the same scenario with your body BUT most people take better car of their cars than their bodies. Silly right? But true!

Oil changes, brake checks alignments, tune-ups, and car washes all for our precious cars. If you are tired of aches and pains, tired of nagging injuries big and small that sideline your progress, if you are frustrated by incomplete rehabs.

Most Physical Therapists are good some are great, but they are amazing at treating the exact thing you are rehabbing, for example; if you had knee surgery they will do everything to get that knee back in tiptop shape. Where PT misses the mark is that your body cannot possibly have a knee injury without effecting another part of your body and in most cases several parts of your body have compensated over time, PT does not cater to that and we are holistic (of the whole) beings that need full body evaluations and treatment plans that is where I come in.

To change your approach, your thinking your results and the way you see yourself. Be proactive with your body NOT reactive to injury and pain.

If you need more proof of my expertise please see my resume link

Since I simply cannot be everywhere in the world all the time I needed to develop this protocol so I can help as many people as I can, everywhere. Let me evaluate your body alignment and postural strengths and weaknesses. Do not ignore the true starting point to success and long-term training. I cannot stress enough that:

Misalignments cause injury, compensation pains and injuries, cause you to use more effort with less productivity, unreached goals and frustration! One improperly treated or ignored injury leads to more, more often than not.

Sign up right now it is all done through email and in the privacy of your own home, at a fraction of the cost of Doctors, prescriptions, PT appointments etc.


This product includes the following digital media:


  1. WHY symmetry is critical to athletic greatness and longevity




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