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Private Client Portal Elite Exclusive Private Content

$5.00 for the first month
$19.00 / month

*Want to work with Gwen but you are too busy
*Want extra time with Gwen
*Want to continue your workouts and yoga while you are on vacation
*Want to improve your current fitness routine
*Do you hate the black hole of you tube videos

This access gives you exclusive content from Gwen Lawrence anytime, anywhere for a fraction of the cost of working with Gwen in person.  

You can email and request a custom workout calendar in alignment with your goals, suggest other themed yoga videos for Gwen to create to build on your success and more.

This is a great way to add to your already successful fitness routine or start a new one.  

This boils down the necessary body parts and most common pain points and does away with hours of empty searches on you tube which often leads to confusion, lost time, and a teacher you did not even like.  Many people depend on you tube and ultimately just re do the same routines and classes over and over.  This type of training goes stale quickly and does not give you variety.  Now you can hone in to your trouble zones, great motivational routines and keep muscle confusion for the best results no matter what your age, regenerate when necessary and also stretch the nagging areas on your days away from Gwen or any fitness professional.