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Golf Training Kit

  • Want to reduce injury and increase longevity on the course?
  • Want to teach your athletes to do golf specific yoga, but you do not want to go to school to do yoga?
  • and much more???

Whether you are a Coach, Trainer, Professional Athlete, Student Athlete, or Parent that wants to give their kid the extra edge.

This kit is a no-brainer easily a $1,500.00 value, Gwen’s services and advice is sought after from the world’s highest-level elite athletes.

Ask yourself what is the cost of:

  1. Lost playing time
  2. Fear of losing your place on the team
  3. Cost of physical therapy
  4. Mental and monetary cost of surgery
  5. Mental drain of not playing

Isn’t it clear that investing $47 now to offset these worries is PRICELESS                

This kit will give you all the tools you need

  • From yoga poses relevant to the game and position
  • To nutrition tips,
  • Hydration advice
  • 17 exclusive videos not sold anywhere else,
  • 83+ page Power Yoga for Sports Golf manual,
  • How to evaluate your problem and imbalanced areas (9pages),
  • Power Yoga for Sports Pose book 1 & 2, learn the how and why of yoga poses for your game
  • All About Joints 80 page lesson,
  • Mindfulness worksheets (14 pages), face it if you are not training the mental game you are putting yourself at a disadvantage to win.
  • Athlete evaluation video,
  • Goal setting book,
  • 2 hours of LIVE taped workshops "how to spot imbalances before they become injuries",
  • Dominant eye video and why it is important to know,
  • Bow and arrow analogy video and how this improves your game,

Don’t wait…take your health and success into your own hands in your own home, just like a LPGA Champ did with Gwen Lawrence and many other Professional athletes do, now you can too!

Check out other opportunities too like a personal online evaluation by Gwen herself, The Way of the Mindful Athlete online Course the same course Gwen wrote and taught to the entire NY Giants staff and team and now uses with the NY Knicks under the Zen master himself Coach Phil Jackson.  Gwen was named “The Best Innovation in Sports Medicine” by ESPN Magazine…now is your time to work with her and WIN!

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Thank You for your purchase

  2. Power Yoga for Sports Highlights Intro by Regis Philbin

  3. Dominant Eye Explanation

  4. bow and arrow analogy

  5. WHY symmetry is critical to athletic greatness and longevity

  6. Live Yoga poses of assessment class

  7. Live Long deep holds class

  8. How to assess your imbalances and reduce injury Florida Workshop 1

  9. How to assess your imbalances and reduce injury Florida Workshop 2

  10. regeneration restorative session hips legs

  11. regeneration restorative session back

  12. regeneration restorative session shoulders

  13. regeneration restorative session BONUS heavy legs

  14. Power Yoga for Sports Golf Edition Workout

  15. Yoga is my Gym Golf Move

  16. Golf Top Yoga Poses

  17. Golf Top Yoga Moves


  1. Welcome and thank you for taking this great step to your personal best, HOW TO use this kit (32 KB)

  2. PYFS Manual Golfer (19.17 MB)

  3. Power Yoga for Sports Golf Training Kit: FAQ (199 KB)

  4. Power Yoga for Sports Golf Training Kit: Pose Book 1 (1.88 MB)

  5. Power Yoga for Sports Golf Training Kit: Pose Book II (66.72 MB)

  6. All About Joints (10.89 MB)

  7. Evaluating Your Trouble Spots (426 KB)

  8. Mindfulness Worksheets (70 KB)

  9. Back Balance AUDIO CLASS (74.35 MB)

  10. Lunge Twisting AUDIO CLASS (78.18 MB)

  11. Shoulder Twist Back AUDIO CLASS (74.13 MB)

  12. Goal Book 2.0 (1.46 MB)

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