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Power Yoga for Sports Regeneration Restoration Kit

  • reduce injury
  • tune into your body
  • spot imbalances
  • open your joints
  • increase range of motion
  • rejuvenate your body
  • prep for your next competition

I have finally created a course for everybody to experience what I have taught my professional athletes for years.  I have learned the most critical part of their success and longevity is proper regeneration, restoration and pre-game routines.  Now you have access to the exact same routines I taught the Pro's.  To spent this type of time with me personally would cost you thousands, here you have all the information, and experience with me for a fraction of the cost, in your own home on your own time.

I have created over 3 hours of easy to follow video routines

a travel cheat sheet so you can do a routine anywhere you are

and I have written all the routines out for you in a summaries PDF so you can download it to your phone and execute the routines no matter where you are even on the field of play where video would likely be inappropriate or unavailable.


I know you will enjoy this kit and I am positive you will see the amazing results my pro's do!

Be great


This product includes the following digital media:


  1. welcome video

  2. Video1 30mins hips shoulders

  3. Video2 28mins Back Legs

  4. Video3 30mins Shoulders Back

  5. Video4 16min shoulders

  6. Video5 10min shoulders

  7. Video6 30minute hips legs


  1. How to use this Kit (657 KB)

  2. travel cheat sheet (303 KB)

  3. Video Routine Summaries (108 KB)

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